Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ryan listened quietly as Dana explained, "I'm sorry you couldn't get a baby sitter for Friday night but I have the tickets for the concert and I want to go. I'm not ready to cancel special events for your children. I can arrange something for Friday night but I think we should just forget about making other plans together."
Not ready to express his frustration, he answered, "Suit yourself." and put the phone back on the stand. He thought about his stupid response, "Suit yourself." Obviously she had. He headed back in the kitchen to check on the kids, reminding himself not to take it out on them. This wasn't their fault.
They were already finished eating and Jamey was down with his new sword in hand. Ryan studied his son, "Remember, no teasing. If you bother Kelly with that, it gets put away again."
Jamey didn't answer so he asked, "Did you hear me? If you bug her, it gets put away."
Jamey nodded.
Ryan turned the television on so they could watch their show while he went back o clean up the kitchen. He'd barely moved the dishes off the table when he heard Kelly, "Don't!"
He sighed, glancing out the window. Rain or no rain, they all needed to get out. Where? The dog park. Charley needed some exercise too. He'd bundle them up and get them outside to break up this gloomy day.
With the boots and raincoats on, he opened the door and let the kids head to the van while he snapped Charley's leash to the collar. Charley didn't seem as eager as the kids but he finally agreed to get up and move to the van. As Ryan urged Charley into the back, he noticed Jamey had the sword in hand. Why had he ever agreed to a Halloween costume with a sword included. Even a plastic sword with no point was just too tempting for a four year old boy.
As he got in the driver's seat, he looked at Jamey, "Remember, you tease Kelly with that sword and it goes away."
Jamey didn't respond. "Jamey?" Finally Jamey nodded.
Ryan started the van and headed toward the dog park. He was relieved to find the parking lot nearly empty. They could all get some fresh air and exercise without the problems of dogs that didn't socialize well.