Monday, November 12, 2007

An abolute treat and potent inspiraion, I've just enjoyed a video interview with Velda Brotherton, fellow member of Women Writing The West. Velda reminds us of the importance of our past in understanding our own lives as she interviews older residents of the Ozark communities that were the center of life and are now disappearing.
Velda's ability to make us feel like we're sitting next to her in a porch chair to visit makes the presentation spellbinding. Her newest book of essays and the basis for the interview is "Wandering In The Shadows of Time: An Ozarks Odyssey." To see the video interview, go to or to learn more about Velda and her other work, visit

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Living With Football Fever
On a sunshiny fall Saturday, I'm free to choose any activity I'd like. It's football season and I've passed my ticket to a grandson as passionate about the game as his grandfather. Those two will spend most of the day on crowded and noisy bleachers while I'm open to the world.
My choices, or at least the ones I consider, aren't earthshaking options but unobligated time doesn't often present itself. This beautiful day, I chose to spend time in the yard, removing spent plants and raking leaves. The neighborhood was quieter than usual. I imagine the few neighbors who were home were inside, watching the game or relaxing in some fashion. A few bicyclists rode by and several couples walking toward the nearby coffee shop. A weekend break that let me find a peaceful place in myself.
When the chill began, I moved in to read awhile, then work on the novel I have underway with a freshened viewpoint. I don't mind the frenzy of football season at all.